Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ten Ways to Annoy Your Nephew Chapter 1

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ten Ways to Annoy Your Nephew Chapter 1

I’m a real fan of Ben 10. It’s one of the only shows on Cartton Network I do watch. I decided to do something like this because of the bickering Ben and Gwen always do. I do not own Ben 10. This is just a fanfiction. Please do not sue me.

Chapter One: The Heatblast Way

Hello, a smiling Ben Tenison greeted from behind the Rust Bucket. He looked at the audience with an innocent smile. Im Ben Tenison, and welcome to Ten Ways to Annoy Your Cousin, staring me, Ben 10. Ill be demonstrating ten ways you can annoy your cousin. All you need is an RV, your Grandpa away on a shopping trip, and an Omnitrix, and you yourself can annoy your doofus cousin the Ben 10 way. He revealed the Omnitrix on his wrist with a smile. Well, its time to start the demonstration.

From inside the rust bucket, Gwen Tenison is looking through the freezer looking for some ice cream. The task proved difficult since the freezer was almost completely over frozen. The ten-year-old stood on a chair in order to reach the inner parts of the freezer.

Come on, Gwen complained. The second Grandpa comes back; Im so asking him to get a new freezer, preferably, one that does not require an ice pick to get to anything. She attempted chipping it away with a fork. The attempt was a good idea, yet the ice was still too thick to do any good. Maybe if I melted the ice away, wheres my hairdryer?

From outside, Ben was listening in. He was directly across the other side of the refrigerator from the right side of the Rust Bucket. He then proceeded to activate the Omnitrix. In this situation, the appropriate alien for the job is Heatblast. He activated the Omnitrix and proceeded to transform into a Pyronite, an alien composed of magma and fire.

This is what I like to call, the Heatblast Way, Heatblast explained. He put his hands near the Rust Bucket, and then explained looking at the audience. Now, Heatblasts special ability as you may have guessed is controlling fire. By applying intense heat to your RV, you could cause the ice inside your freezer melt, like so. His hands began to combust with a large fire.

From inside the Rust Bucket, Gwen was beginning to sweat. Whoa, she said fanning herself off with her hand. “Did it get hot all of the sudden or what?” It was then she noticed the freezer was dripping water, or at least it was. Seconds later, a rush of water came pouring out of the freezer, and onto Gwens head. Gwen fell back out of the chair and onto the floor dripping wet.

From outside, Heatblast chuckled listening in on Gwens scream as cold freezer water poured all over her. Heatblast then turned his attention to the audience. This is not only funny because a major dweeb gets an unexpected shower, but the irony of it all adds to the humor causing twice as much enjoyment for the prankster.

A window to the Rust Bucket opened up, and an angry and drenched Gwen glared at Heatblast that looked back at her. Ben Tenison! she growled angrily at the ten-year-old boy in an aliens body. Heatblast then retreated laughing his goal accomplished.

Heatblast turned to the audience once again as he ran off. Well, one down, nine more to go. Until next time, Im Heatblast, signing out.

Next Chapter The Grey Matter Way…

This fanfic will be like this through out. If you have a favorite alien, just put it in your reviews and I’ll think of a way Ben can use it on Gwen. I’m a very creative person.

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